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Mental Health Resources

School Based Mental Health

A School-Based Mental Health Program (SBMH) allows mental health agencies, with whom the district has an agreement, to provide mental health services to students who need those services within the school building during the school day.  Anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders are common in children and adolescents.  The district recognizes that mental health disorders can interfere with a  student's ability to learn when they are left untreated.  Although schools are not mental health agencies, students and families are better served when agencies work together to meet student needs.

Where do services take place?

The mental health services agreed to between the parent and the mental health professional take place in an office or classroom within the school building.  The mental health professional schedules these rooms with the district.

What is the benefit of SBMH?

One of the biggest barriers to children and adolescents receiving mental health services is access to the agency that provides those services.  It is often difficult for parents to leave work to drive their child to an appointment, wait during the appointment and drive the student back to school after the appointment.  Parents miss too much work and students miss too much school.  Allowing these services to take place at school helps everyone.


Canvas Health
555 W. Broadway, Forest Lake, MN 55025

​Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau
244 North Lake St., Forest Lake, MN 55025

Therapeutic Services Agency

What about confidentiality?

The district and mental health professionals follow strict guidelines related to sharing private student data.  Discussions between the mental health professional and the student or the mental health professional and the parent are completely confidential and not shared with any school personnel unless the parent gives permission for that information to be shared.

How can I get my child services?

The names of professionals and/or agencies with whom the district has an agreement are listed below.  Parents can contact these professionals directly and privately or, if a parent wants assistance to make the connection, a school counselor or dean can help.

The mental health agency bills the family's insurance or makes other payment arrangements with the family, in the same manner, they would if the student came to their mental health facility. 


Anoka County Children's Mental Health Svcs 763.712.2703

Anoka County Financial Assistance 763.717.7730

Chisago County Human Services 651.213.5600

Washington County Children's Mental Health 651.430.6457