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Welcome to Middle School Registration! 

Registering for courses each year is a critical part of your middle school experience. Students will follow the instructions and presentations outlined by your teachers and counselors.  

Please note: current 8th graders going into 9th grade can view high school registration info here. Middle school is a time to experience new things, make friends, and connect to an expanding world. We encourage our students to explore and learn in a safe and supportive learning environment. Our expectations are high, and our dedicated staff members work hard to ensure every child reaches their potential.

We offer our students a strong core curriculum and a variety of electives which helps prepare students for high school and beyond. Please use the following links and forms for registration (access through FLAS student Google account).

Middle School Course Catalog

7th Grade registration worksheet

8th Grade registration worksheet

Non-Enrolled students: Welcome to FLAMS! We are excited for you to start with us. Please use the online enrollment process and complete the registration forms below.