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Honor Roll


In this time of distance learning we want to recognize the hard work and extraordinary efforts of our students. We know that none of you had any control over these unusual circumstances, yet your focus on your studies and determination to succeed has carried you through. The situation is less than ideal for many and, for that, we offer our understanding and empathy. 

The process for receiving an honor roll certificate will look differently this year. We are asking for parents and students to review their gradebooks and have conversations as a family about your achievement. Typically, we assign grades to percentages according to the table below. 

Once a percentage is assigned to a grade. We then add up the grade points for each of your grades according to the chart below and then divide by the number of courses taken to determine the cumulative GPA for the grading period. 


Grading Scale


*A Honor Roll is 3.7+ and the B Honor Roll is 3.0 

A Honor Roll Certificate

B Honor Roll Certificate

If through that conversation, parents and students feel that an honor roll certificate has been earned you will be able find the certificate on our building website main page beginning Wednesday, June 3rd. Simply, type in your student’s name and click print. If you would like a certificate printed for you and mailed home we can accommodate. To do this, fill in your request here sometime between June 3rd and June 15th and a certificate will be sent to you before the end of June. 

Honor Roll Request